International Prayer

January 23-24, 2021

Join the prayer to change the future of your country!

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  1. Jan 23-24, 2021
As a part of the event
January 23 – International prayer against anti-Semitism and Nazism, Kiev, 20 Zhmatchenko street
January 24 - Prayers are offered in the churches of Kiev and Ukraine and other gatherings of believers supporting this project

Why is it important?

About the prayer

International prayer against anti-Semitism and Nazism has taken place every year since 2010.

It unites all, who believe what the Word of God says about the Jewish people, salvation of the world, and who desire the blessing for their land and people.

Prayers are also offered throughout the year in different cities of Ukraine and across other European countries. For the last 9 years believers from different denominations in 33 countries have taken part in the annual prayer. Believers from 150 churches in 49 cities in different countries agreed to pray against anti-Semitism.


Biblical foundation for the prayer against anti-Semitism


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To support the project

However, we don’t stop after the International prayer of unity! Throughout the year we hold different events in various cities of Ukraine and across Europe.

Prayer delegates from different churches and denominations gather together to offer prayers near the City Halls and sites of commemoration. We also work on creating the informational resources.

Our goal is to break the veil of silence over Ukraine and other countries in relation to the legacy of anti-Semitism.
We also aim at national repentance and revival.
You can join the core team or support the project financially.